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Rifle & Pistol Programs

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2024 USA Shooting National Junior Olympic Rifle and Pistol Championship Results

2024 FINAL Jr Oly Results




Shotgun Program

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2024 State JO Host Sites Master File – Shotgun 5.3.24


National Junior Olympic Championships

Hillsdale, MI

July 19-21, 2024- Trap

TRAP Squads Day 2

TRAP Time Table Day 2

Live Link: Multipull LINK

July 26-28, 2024- Skeet

2024 Shotgun National Junior Olympic Match Program_5.22.24

Registration for Junior Olympics has closed. Please contact Ashley MacAllister at Ashley.MacAllister@usashooting.org

Current Events



Upcoming Events

Shotgun USA Shooting Nationals

Hillsdale, MI

Sept 9-15, 2024- Trap

Trap Schedule

Date Day Details
September 9 Monday Unofficial Training
September 10 Tuesday Unofficial Training
September 11 Wednesday Pre-Event Training/ Competitor Meeting
September 12 Thursday 75 Match Targets
September 13 Friday 50 Match Targets (Intl, Senior Final)
September 14 Saturday 75 Match Targets
September 15 Sunday 50 Targets, ISSF Final (Open & Junior)


Sept 16-22, 2024-  Skeet

Skeet Schedule

Date Day Details
September 16 Monday Unofficial Training
September 17 Tuesday Unofficial Training
September 18 Wednesday Pre-Event Training/Competitor Meeting
September 19 Thursday 75 Match Targets
September 20 Friday 50 Match Targets (Intl, Senior Final)
September 21 Saturday 75 Match Targets
September 22 Sunday 50 Match Targets, ISSF Final (Open & Junior)


MidwayUSA Rifle and Pistol Camp

Colorado Springs, CO

Nov 8-10, 2024


Winter Air Gun Championships

Colorado Spring, CO

Dec 13-15, 2024

Recent Event Results

Additional recent event results can be found in the Resource Center under Results and Records.



Rifle and Pistol Olympic Selection Results

2024-Rifle-Pistol-Olympic-Selections-Results-tracker-3 19 2024

Current-Paralympic-Rankings_4-26-24 official draft


Rifle and Pistol USA Nationals

June 24-30, 2024

Fort Moore, GA

Results- 2024 USASNC RESULTS Final


Paralympic Trials Part 3

April 21-28, 2024

Anniston, AL and Talladega, AL

Current-Paralympic-Rankings_4-28-24 FINAL

FINAL 2024 Paralympic Trials Part 3 Results


Smallbore Rifle and Pistol Olympic Selections Part 3

Fort Moore, GA

March 17-19, 2024

Match 2 Final Results


Shotgun Selection Match Part 2

Tucson, Arizona

March 11-17, 2024

Trap Scores  –  iclays.com/scores/scores11664-70620.html


Skeet Scores  –  iClays Scores



Paralympic Selection Part 2

Colorado Springs, CO

Feb 2-10, 2024

FINAL RESULTS Paralympic Trials Part 2


Air Gun Olympic Trials Part 3

Anniston, AL

January 5-7, 2024

Final Results Air Gun Olympic Trials Part 3


2024 Rifle Trials Part 2 & Paralympic Trials Part 1

Dec 11-13, 2023

Colorado Springs, CO

Rifle & Para Selections Part 2 Final Results


2023 Winter Air Gun / Olympic Trials Part 2 – Colorado Springs 

2023 WAG_Rifle & Pistol Olympic Trials Final Results


2024 Pistol Trials Part 2 & Paralympic Trials Part 1

Dec 5-7, 2023

Colorado Springs, CO

Final Results Pistol Olympic Trials Part 2 & Paralympic Trials Part 1


2024 Rifle & Pistol Olympic Trials Part 1

Fort Moore, GA

September 28- October 3, 2023

Final Results 2023 Results Oly Trial Part 1


Past Competitions

USA Shooting is authorized by the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) to host national and international matches. USA Shooting can also sanction matches for regional and local competitions.

Authorized shooting matches outside of the USA Shooting national or international calendar are sanctioned by the competitions division for Member Clubs. These matches include Preliminary Tryouts (PTOs), Junior Olympic programs, and more.

For Final Results, please visit our National Results tab on the Resource Page.